What's the first thing you so when you think you're getting sick or have some sort of illness? Head to Google...everyone is guilty of it and it always seems to make you panic more. Whether it's sniffling or some sort of rash you can always plop it right into Google and hope for the best.

Medical Health Care Plans decided to dive deep into the Google search and see what people from each state were googling when it comes to their health. It might surprise you what the country as a whole is concerned about and what is pretty common across the board.

In New York, it shows that we are pretty much always on the go. It probably doesn't help that the "City that Never Sleeps" is lumped into the state but we all probably feel a little tired. The most Googled medical symptom in the state is "Loss of Sleep". Stressing over work, relationships, life... this seems like something we can all relate to.


Here are a few other states and what they are Googling:

  • Mississippi - "gas."
  • Idaho - "symptoms of E. coli."
  • Nebraska - "signs of low testosterone."
  • New Mexico - phlegm, but misspelled F-L-E-M.
  • South Carolina - "dark green stool."

See what the other states are Googling here.

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