As we kick off a new year, you will want to make sure you have all the luck on your side and there is one thing you never want to do! Pick up a penny with the tails side up.

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When I was on a walk with my wife Elizabeth she was about to pick up a penny when I asked if it heads up or tails up? She asked why it matter and I told her that if you pick up a penny that is tails up it is bad luck.

According to, the whole "tails side" of a coin is back luck goes back to ancient days.

Many ancient cultures believed metals were precious gifts from the gods and would bring you good luck when found. Though pennies are not worth much, picking them up was also considered good luck because it increased your wealth. The bad luck from pennies comes from the understanding of a constant battle between good and evil. If one thing is good, the other must be bad. If one side of a penny brings good luck, the other side brings bad.

So if you accidentally pick up a penny that is tails side up, you are supposed to put it back down head side up to bring good luck to the next person.

Here are some other ways to bring you good luck this year according to

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