Take these stats with a scoop of blue cheese. If these are the averages for Americans you have to imagine the numbers for WNY are higher.


A new report is out and it states that Americans will eat 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime. That's an average of eating about 24 per month, or 290 a year. For Buffalonians, that seems like a low number.

Other results of the study say that 37% of people prefer bone-in wings compared to the 27% who prefer boneless. AND 56% of people think that a boneless wing can be considered a wing, which I'm sure much of WNY would probably disagree.

As for when to eat chicken wings? Naturally, the Super Bowl came in high as well as dinner but 57% of people said that wings are not for a first date, citing that it's too messy for that occasion.

I think this part of the survey will really start trouble in WNY and that's the Top 5 Sauces.

Here they are:

1- BBQ
2- Honey BBQ
3- Buffalo with Ranch
4- Buffalo
5- Buffalo with Blue Cheese

Obviously, these are averages for America and we can probably agree that the number would be very different in the home of the chicken wing.

See the full study and report from the NY POST.

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