This could be a family communication game changer!

If you have ever sent a text to your kids and waited for a long time for their response, there is now a way to urge them to text you back.

It can be so frustrating when you need to get an answer or find out what is going on with your kids and you know they are on their phone but ignoring your text.

According to Metro Source News:

ReplyASAP was created by a dad in order to ensure a timely response from parents who may be worried or concerned.

The app can freeze a child's phone and even sound an alarm while the phone is in silent mode, forcing them to reply to the parents before the other functions on the phone are released.

Yes, there are a restrictions. This is something that the creator says that both parent and child have to agree to first. Those that are against the app say it gives parents too much control over their kids and doesn't teach them respect.

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