General Mills has announced a new contest of sorts! You could win a box full of just Lucky Charms Marshmallows. This contest is pretty easy, just buy a specifically marked box of Lucky Charms and hope it's one of the 10,000 boxes marked with the code that could win you a box of Lucky Charms Marshmallows.

General Mills has a similar contest in 2015 where 10 people won the box of marshmallows but they decided that just wasn't enough and up to 10,000 winners.

Each specially marked box will have 14-digit code, consumers will just need to enter that code at to see if they're one of the 10,000 lucky winners. According to General Mills, "If you are lucky enough to have a winning code, you’ll receive a special Lucky Charms Marshmallows box in the mail a few weeks after entering it on the website." The contest will run through December of 2017 and while there is currently a limited release it will soon be available at stores across the United States.

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