It's become a tradition since I've moved to Buffalo to host a St. Patrick's Day party! I make the works, corned beef and cabbage, carrots, potatoes and of course some beverages. My favorite meal my aunt used to make growing up was corned beef and cabbage. I would always request it when I was home from college no matter the time of the year. So she sent me her recipes and that's what I still use! It's not as good as hers but I'm pretty proud of it! Last year a friend said they wanted to try this cake they saw on the internet, she said it was a Lucky Charms cake! We weren't sure what to expect but were very pleased when she showed up with the cake. This year she couldn't make the party so her sister-in-law stepped up a did a great job! It's always a hit and it tastes great too! The crunch that the marshmallows give the cake is amazing AND it takes you back to when you would have a bowl as a child.

Lucky Charms Cake

2 (8-inch) round cake pans

1 box white cake mix

Ingredients on cake mix box for the cake (Water, oil and eggs)

Green gel food coloring to your desired color

1 family size box Lucky Charm cereal or Bag off internet

2 containers vanilla frosting

Mix your cake box ingredients and then add your food coloring till you get your desired shade of green. Split the batter evenly between the two round cake pans and cook to boxes specification. While it's cooking get separating your marshmallows from the box and place them in a bowl (or grab them on the internet). Let cake cool completely and then flip one of the caked upside down and put a dollop of frosting in the flat side. Spread it around to make a decent layer then put the other cake on top of it flat side down. Frost the rest of the cake making sure it's a smooth layer all the way around. Then take your marshmallows and start at the very top of the cake. Then you'll place the marshmallows in a circular pattern around that marshmallow and all the way around the cake. This part will be time consuming but so worth it. Keep the cake in the fridge till about 15/20 minutes before you're ready to serve it. If you leave the cake out the marshmallows will lose their crispness and it will not be perfect.

The idea was taken from this recipe, but obviously adapted for less work because...who has time for that? LOL


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