No matter where you live, a few things come to mind when you think of the sights of St. Patrick’s Day. Green four-leaf clovers, green shirts with clever sayings, green beer… a lot of the color green, mostly. 

But have you ever asked yourself what St. Patrick’s Day smells like? 

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If you’re lucky, maybe you thought of the drool-inducing aroma of your Grandma’s corned beef. Otherwise, we bet many other unpleasant things came to mind (sorry).

But for those who live and/or work in downtown Buffalo, another specific smell dominated their senses on Friday.

And it. Was. Awesome

Why Downtown Buffalo Smelled On St. Patrick’s Day

Buffalo, New York, is the home base for several major companies worldwide. New Era caps, Rich Foods, and M&T Bank have corporate headquarters here. But one huge company that calls the Nickel City home can immediately bring a smile to a Buffalonian’s face, thanks to its unmistakable aroma. 

General Mills has been pumping out Cheerios along the Buffalo River since 1941, and whenever the production line kicks into gear, anyone nearby can smell that toasted oat goodness wafting through the city air. 

It’s one of the things about our fair city that Buffalonians are most proud of, and we’re more than happy to brag about it.

Rustic Buffalo Artisan Market/Canva
Rustic Buffalo Artisan Market/Canva

But General Mills doesn't just make Cheerios in Buffalo.

Along with milling flour, our local General Mills plant also produces Corn Chex cereal, Honey Nut Chex cereal, and another hugely popular and iconic cereal - one that has been in breakfast bowls for decades and is perfect for eating on St. Patrick’s Day.

Did General Mills Make Lucky Charms On St. Patrick’s Day?

General Mills hasn’t confirmed it (and probably never will), but it smelled “magically delicious” downtown on Friday, March 17th.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and downtown smelled like Lucky Charms.
by u/milksnakesandcheese in Buffalo

Knowing that Lucky Charms is also produced here in Buffalo, and with residents recognizing the delicious smells from General Mills over the years, it's doubtful they were making another cereal on Friday.

Was it planned as an homage to Saint Patty's day, or was it just a coincidence? Either way, here in Buffalo, we appreciated the subtle and sweet-smelling gesture.

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day, General Mills!

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