I'm as old fashioned as the next guy but there are certain things that probably should be put to rest.

Over the weekend a new phone book arrived at our house. It barley made it to the house because it was tossed to the side of the road on our front lawn area. At first I thought it was a bag of trash.

So what do you do with a phone book in 2018? I mean with all of the modern technology at our fingertips, there is now need for our fingers to do the walking. If you get that reference, you know that there was a time when phone books served a great purpose.

Here are some of the results I got to an informal survey I presented on Twitter.

  • Recycling Bin 83%
  • Actual Intended Use 4%
  • Door Stopper 13%

Other answers included a booster seat or a great way to fuel a bonfire!

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