I know it hurts and honestly, I'm still replaying Sunday night over and over again in my head. The Bills came up one game short of the Super Bowl. 14 points short to be exact. The Kansas City Chiefs were clearly the better team in the AFC Championship game but it's obvious the Bills are close.

Bills fans have been waiting their whole life for a Super Bowl. We've been close a few times (four straight) but still nothing to show for it. I wanted them to win it all this year because you don't get many chances but I have to be honest, there is a silver lining for the team not winning it THIS year.

2020 was awful. Everyone's life was turned upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic. No visiting family like we were used to. Hugging friends. Going to concerts, amusement parks, and yes, no attending Bills games, at least for the entire regular season.

The Super Bowl lead-up will be much different this year. Teams will arrive later than normal. The media day will be all virtual. Only 20-25 percent capacity for the game. Even major sponsors are pulling out of the commercials. Perhaps it was okay for the Bills not to win it this year.

When they win the Super Bowl, I want Bills Mafia to go to the games with full capacity. Cheering like crazy when a touchdown is scored. The sound of the train horn getting people on their feet. Restaurants and bars going nuts and the city coming together for an eventual Super Bowl victory.

There's no denying people would've wanted to celebrate anyway, but it wouldn't have been nearly the same this year if they had won. Buffalo deserves to celebrate a Bills Super Bowl and they deserve to do so in fashion.

I know they will win it all one day. It's going to happen. It isn't fun waiting longer for it but if it means Buffalo gets to celebrate the way it should be, then I'll be patient.

Go Bills.

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