According to Wikipedia alternate names are German toast, gypsy toast, Bombay toast, eggy bread, omelet toast and poor knights.  Most people know it as French toast and today is National French Toast Day.  I wish I could come up with a really cool story about why November 28th is National French Toast Day, but nobody seems to know. 

The basic recipe for French toast is bread dipped in a mixture of eggs and milk and fried in a pan until brown.  It can be topped with any combination of butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar or maple syrup.

For me French toast tops pancakes and waffles every time.  My question is whatever happened to Aunt Jemima French Toast?  It's gone from the grocery frozen food shelves.  It was always a convenient way to enjoy French toast without actually having to prepare it.  Just put it in a toaster or microwave and in less than two minutes it was ready to eat.

Aunt Jemima French Toast used to come in six-packs or individual meal packages with breakfast sausage.  But within the past year it just disappeared.  Other Aunt Jemima varieties are still available.  I want French toast!

What's the origination of French toast?  There's evidence that the French toast we know today extends back to the 4th and 5th century when bread was dipped in beaten eggs and milk and fried.  But there is one story that shows that French toast doesn't even have anything to do with France.

There is one story that an Albany, New York innkeeper served what we know today as French toast to guests at his inn in the 1700's.  His name?  Joseph French.

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