The toys pile up quickly, don't they? It's amazing how fast toys seem to take over your house when you have kids. It gets progressively worse with every birthday and Christmas that comes along. But what do you do with the toys that your kids don;'ty play with anymore or have grown out of?

There is a concept that is being launched by Hasbro to recycle kids toys.

According to a story on Metro Source News:

The Rhode Island-based company is testing a new recycling program with Terracycle. It's a way for parents to donate all old Hasbro toys to be transformed into playgrounds, park benches, flower pots and more. So far, the program is only being tested in the United States, but could expanded worldwide if it proves to be successful.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the program and get a free shipping label.

Hasbro says:

At Hasbro, we know kids and families everywhere share our passion for protecting our planet, which is why we’re proud to launch our new  Hasbro Toy Recycling pilot program.

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