I've never seen a game of Monopoly end well.  First of all they take eight hours to play (especially if you play like my dad used to). Secondly, they nearly always end with me holding on to my cheap property and trying to pay the rent on Boardwalk.  But if you're a fan of the board game, you might be excited to hear that they will soon have a new piece that you can play with.  Click here to see it!

iron and cat monopoly pieces

I always choose the top hat when I play, and luckily, that will still be there.  If you choose the iron however, be prepared for your piece to be replaced.  According to Hasbro it will soon be exchanged for a cat token.

The iron was chosen as the piece to get the ax by a poll done on Facebook.  They had people vote for their favorites on a Save Your Token campaign on Hasbro’s page.  People were asked to vote for which token they would like to see go and which should replace it.

I'm surprised that Hasbro will be replacing a piece of technology with an animal.  I would think that if they were going to replace a piece of technology they should exchange it with another that's just a little more modern.  But hey, the people have spoken and I'm not someone who will argue with that!

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