Cat Won't Let Woman Sleep, Hits Her Until She Gets Up [VIDEO]
Apparently, Spartacus doesn't like to be cold. The things I've learned about this cat in the past year have been hilarious. He's addicted to balloons, craves Little Debbie Christmas Trees and is very sensitive and particular about smells.
The other day is was too cold for his liking an…
This is hilarious. I have a cat at home and I've tried to get him to go after fish on an iPad and he wants nothing to do with it. Maybe if I had a real tank he would care just a little. Check it out!
Cat Hacks!
Cat owner? Thinking about being a cat owner? Here are some like hacks that might make it easier for you!
One-Eyed Surfer Dude
Well if this isn't the cutest thing!?!? Not only is this cat adorable but it's doing one of the most un-cat thing - enjoying water!
Nanakuli, which means "to look blind", was found on the street in pretty bad shape. Somehow Nanakuli was not only brought back to health but …
Pavlov's Cat!
The first thing that came to my mind after I watched this video was "I wouldn't be able to handle that damn bell ringing at all hour of the night!" LOL This is awesome but the owner might have just created a monster...a cute monster.

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