When it comes to summertime in Buffalo and Western New York, few things are more popular on a Saturday or Sunday than a local park, especially if you have a family.

Parks are great because you go there for a variety of reasons. You could go there to walk your dogs, maybe go for a walk yourself, let your kids play on the playground, utilize recreational basketball hoops, tennis courts and hockey nets, or simply just want to relax on a bench for a while.

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Western New York has plenty of parks to offer its residents.

You obviously have the popular Delaware Park in the City of Buffalo. There's also Ellicott Creek Park, which is always packed with people on a weekend in June, July and August -- even into September and October.

But that just scratches the surface for what the region has to offer. There are so many great parks that fly under the radar for many, and it's simply a fact of they don't realize these parks are there; or have never entered, even if they have driven by numerous times.

I used to go to parks all the time with my dad growing up and one of the parks that we lived going to is below!

Here are five "hidden gem" parks in the Western New York area!

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