Buffalo has some incredibly large trees that makeup an incredible landscape. But there are some trees that are as frustrating as they are impressive!

If you ride around the Western New York area over the next couple of days, you will start to see leaves dropping from the oak trees. It happens every year. But this year it will be even more frustrating because of the amount of snow we have and the forecast is calling for more!

Oak Trees In Hamburg

According to Earth Works:

While most trees lose their leaves in the winter, live oak trees drop their leaves in January through February.

Live oaks are not true evergreens like other oaks are. They will drop their old leaves in the winter and regain new ones in the spring. The leaf drop usually occurs over 2-3 weeks.

I absolutely love the big, old oak trees that we have here in Western New York. Heck, we even have a major roadway named after these large beauties! Oak Street is one of the busiest roads in Western New York!! They are great for shade and they produce lots of food for deer, squirrels and birds. They are also a great home for animals! But after you have gotten the leaves picked up and the gutters cleaned out, the snow shovels are ready and BAM...the oak trees drop!!! So frustrating. It is a love-hate relationship for sure.

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