There were a lot of questions about how they would make it happen this year, but it's happening.  High School Football is back.  But there will be new rules.

There will actually be football for the first time this year.  Many of the games start tonight.  This season is not going to look anything at all like seasons of the past.  This one will definitely go down in the history books.

The biggest change will be how short the season is.  The regular season will only last for 5 games.  Then there will be a two week post season.  According to WKBW, only the top four teams in each Division will make the Section VI playoffs.  However, if teams do not make the playoffs and are still healthy they can choose to continue playing during those two weeks.  They will have the option of playing another one of the teams that did not make the playoffs.

The only people that will be allowed on the sidelines will be coaches, players, members of the media and referees.  No family or friends will be allowed on the sidelines.  There also won't be a community water cooler for the team to share, or for that matter, there will not be any person to distribute water on the sidelines.  Each player will have to bring their own water bottle.  You can expect some extended time-outs to be sure the players have enough time to re-hydrate.

Another change that you'll see is wider sidelines.  In order to encourage social distancing, they will extend the area that players and coaches are allowed to stand from the 10-yard line to the 10-yard line.

Fans will be allowed in the stands, but it will only be 2 fans per player or cheerleader.  That applies to both the home team and the away team.  Fans will be required to sign their name next to the player that they are there to see.  They will also be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

It's definitely going to look different this year.  I'm just glad that these kids are going to get some season.  Playing football in high school is still the main source of some of my favorite memories.  While it's probably not what they envisioned, I hope they all make the most of it.

Good luck to all the teams who are starting tonight!


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