A high school in Ohio will have a new test that all students must pass in order to attend school there.

Stephen T. Badin High School will launch a newly required drug test for all students as part of its health and wellness initiative to keep students and the campus drug-free.

School officials said in a letter sent home to parents that the new drug test policy will go into effect in 2020

According to the letter, the school will only release the results of positive tests to a student, a student's parents or guardians and, depending on the circumstances, medical or counseling personnel for substance abuse screening with the parent's permission.
Also if a student refuses to take the test, it will be treated as a positive test.

Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the student and if they are a repeat offender of the policy.

Also, the letter stated that students may be tested at random and there is no maximum number of times a student may be tested.Parents who think their child's test has resulted in a false positive can request an immediate second test.

Would you be in favor of mandatory drug testing at schools in Western New York?

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