The guys of High Valley have a very interesting road to Nashville. From ice roads in Canada to the neon streets of Nashville, Brad and Curtis learned about old music as if it were new. From mistaking Michael Jackson for a girl to never hearing rock music they were able to navigate their way through all of these "news" to find their place in the country genre.

While Brad and Curtis were in town for the WYRK Acoustic Show they offered to go Live on Facebook to talk about their past and how they made their way to Nashville. They also took questions from the Facebook Live viewers.

While in Buffalo they didn't just keep to UB they also went out and explored a little to really dive in to the Buffalo cuisine...well kind of.

I bet Buffalo Thai food ranks up there along with the best! The guys did say this was like "heading south" for them in relation to their home town but it's easy to forget that Southern Ontario isn't really like their hometown. It would almost be like Buffalo vs San where near each other.

The guys of High Valley did throw out a challenge after performing in San Diego for future cities to try and be louder. While I don't know if we hit that challenge or not we did do something right.

Learn more about High Valley and their summer tour plans on their website HERE. And follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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