If you're a regular customer of Hobby Lobby, then you likely know about the retailer's popular 40 percent off coupon. Unfortunately, you'll soon not be able to use it.

According to WIVB, Hobby Lobby will be ending the 40 percent off coupon at the end of February.

The reason for ending the hugely popular promotion, per WIVB, is that Hobby Lobby wants to offer better prices to customers, instead of just the one-item discount.

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I know my mom and fiancée absolutely love Hobby Lobby, so I'm wondering what they think about this. I don't go craft shopping very much but I have heard of the 40 percent discount coupon. Here's to hoping whatever they're placing it with is just as good!

A 40 percent off coupon sounds like a solid deal though.

Hobby Lobby has Western New York locations on Transit Road near Wehrle, the McKinley Mall in Hamburg and Military Road in Niagara Falls.

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