It’s that time of year for giving gifts, but if you look at different cultures around the world there are different superstitions about giving gifts. Sometimes they’re outright taboos. For example:

Don’t give gifts with sharp objects like a knife, scissors or letter opener. It sends harsh energy to the receiver. It could even sever the friendship.

Watches and clocks are popular gifts in America but in eastern culture they suggest a limited life span.

Don’t give an empty wallet or purse. If you’re considering one of these as a gift, always include a small amount of money.

Thinking about a handkerchief as a gift? It suggests that you expect the recipient to be doing a lot of crying in the future or wiping away sweat from frustration.

If you’re going to give roses – don’t give long stemmed red roses with thorns. They’re believed to sour the friendship. Yellow, cream or pink roses with no thorns is a better choice.

Candy, cookies – sweets of any type are a great gift. They suggest that you wish the person to have a sweet life, so they symbolize good fortune. And so that dieters aren’t left out, low cal varieties work just as well.

Never recycle gifts. When you recycle a gift, it symbolizes that you’re giving away your friendship with the person who gave you the gift.


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