There is a rumor on social media that Bills fans have been taking part in a strange pre-game ritual that has allowed them to continue the Bills win-streak.

Football fans are superstitious

It's a pretty common thing for football fans to continue with rituals from one week to the next.  They don't wash certain pieces of clothing, they sit in certain places when they watch the game. Whether it's wearing a certain shirt or jersey or eating a specific meal or snack, fans will do anything to help their team win.

Fans on social media have a theory on what's created the Bills success

The latest rumor on social media implies that the reason for the Bills 5 game win-streak is something that's been happening at the site of the new stadium.

Yup, you heard that right. Some people believe that the site of the new stadium (also being known for now as "The Pit") is the source of the Bills latest win streak.  They believe that "The Pit" must be fed and when it eats (or a fan falls in) the Bills secure a win.  Evidently it's happened every week since their win streak began.

Now, all kinds of people are having fun with it

Here's the problem with the story...

First of all, Jerome Silberman is the actual name of the actor who portrayed Willy Wonka in the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" movie, Gene Wilder (although it's a pretty nice little Easter egg). Second of all, the first time a fan fell into "The Pit" wasn't at the beginning of the Bills most recent win streak.  It happened at the week 4 win against the Miami Dolphins, which coincidentally was a big win.

It's a fun theory.  I love it.  The only problem is that it is a dangerous one.  Not only can you be arrested for trespassing if you fall in, but as the fan in week 4 found out, you can actually be injured.

But...there is a t-shirt.

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