Planning on skiing or snowboarding this week while the kids are off?  Holiday Valley is encouraging people to buy lift tickets before they leave the house.

This is normally a very busy week at Holiday Valley.  With the conditions for skiing and snowboarding about as close to perfect as they can get, and a lot of kids on break from school, it's a perfect time to get some skiing and snowboarding in.

Now, add to that, the fact that so many people have been cooped up in their houses to avoid spreading COVID.  They are ready to get outside and have some fun.  And truthfully, skiing and snowboarding are a naturally socially distant sport.

But, if you're planning on getting in on all the fun this week, Holiday Valley in Ellicottville is encouraging people to get their lift tickets before they leave their house.  They may not be able to fit you in if you drive down there and they're already sold out.

Yesterday (Sunday) they sold out of all lift tickets for day and night skiing and they're anticipating that it could happen again later this week.

It's encouraging to know that business is booming for these ski resorts.  Over the last couple of years it's felt as though it was tough to really get a good season in.  It wasn't that we wouldn't get snow, but we would go through patterns of snow, then warming.  So the snow that did fall would normally melt in a couple of days so conditions weren't great.

I'm glad to see they're selling out!  It's great news for these local businesses and good to know that people are getting out of their houses again!


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