She attends William Street School in Lancaster.  She's 10 years old.  Her name is Paige Bukaty and she's this week's Good Kid of the Week.

Her grandmother says Paige set a goal at the beginning of the school year to continue her honor roll status in the 6th grade like she finished 5th grade.  She not only made honor roll but she became one of 25 students to be chosen for Select Chorus.

Paige also plays clarinet in the school band for the past three years.  She's also involved in cheerleading and is a big supporter of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign in support of her grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor.

She's an all around great kid and that's why she's our Good Kid of the Week.

Paige wins a WYRK Good Kid t-shirt courtesy of Custom Tee Identity Ink in Kenmore and a WYRK prize pack.

Congratulations, Paige Bukaty!

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