I can hear my wife's excitement as she reads this for the first time. There are 4 brand-new stores that are coming to Buffalo in the old Burlington Plaza off of the Boulevard. Right off the 290, the old plaza, which will be renamed the 'Boulevard South District' is going to get quite the facelift to bring more people to the plaza.

There are going to be four new stores inside the new plaza--2 of which, you may be familiar with and 2 more that are new to Western New York. Here are the new stores that are coming to the Northtowns:

Boulevard South District

  • TJ Maxx
  • HomeGoods
  • HomeSense
  • Sierra

If you are not familiar with HomeSense, it is a furniture store and Sierra is more of an outdoor sporting store. People all over social media were super excited for the four new stores to come. When will the stores be in? By the end of 2022, all four will be opened for shopping. The total cost will be about $7 million and Benderson is behind the project.

When we were talking about this morning on Clay & Company and we ended up talking about some 'would you rather' questions that we kept going back and forth on. Take a stab at these:


Would you rather:

Have a gift card to Target OR HomeGoods?

Have a Truly OR a Mimosa at lunch?

Get an entire day to yourself, kid free OR hit a scratch-off for $5,000. 

Not easy, huh?

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