It was just a week ago that thousands of people waited in long lines to pay 91-cents for a hot dog as Ted's Hot Dogs celebrated its 91st anniversary.  What makes Ted's Hot Dogs unique is that it remains open year-round, so whenever you get that urge for a charcoal-broiled hot dog a Ted's location isn't very far away.

As spring approaches the seasonal hot dog stands will be opening up soon.  It's a matter of opinion, but here are some of the hot dog stands that locals proclaim to be "the best in all of Western New York."

Again, these are the seasonal hot dog stands that I've actually tried over the years.  Which ones did I miss?  I'm sure there are plenty of others.  Let me know your favorite and I'll make it a point to get there and try it.

  • Louie's Hot Dogs

    Grand Island Blvd. next to Sheridan Park Golf Course


  • George's Hot Dogs

    Hermann Hill Rd.


  • Connor's Hot Dogs

    Lake Shore Road


  • Sullivan's Hot Dogs

    Cayuga Rd.

    Niagara Falls

  • Reid's

    Lake Ave.


  • Pautler's Drive-In of Clarence

    Transit Rd.


  • Taffy's Hot Dog Stand

    Orchard Park Rd.

    Orchard Park

  • Red Top Hot Dogs

    Big Tree Rd.


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