In Western New York, there are a few weekends that are deemed highly important: the weekend of the NFL playoffs, weekend going into Dyngus Day, and the weekend of the National Buffalo Wing Festival. 

Being the capital of chicken wings, we have a title to uphold, and that’s why so many people flock to Buffalo for Labor Day weekend in order to attend the Buffalo Wing Fest. Plus, you get to actually walk around the Buffalo Bills home field. 

But it’s true: so many people come to Wing Fest every year, including some high profile people…like Joey Chestnut. 

Joey Chestnut is planning to compete in the U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Competition in Western New York on Saturday, Sept. 2, and while he may be going up against some of the best competitive eaters in the world, he is planning to reclaim the championship. 

Over his competitive eating career, Chestnut has won this particular competition six times, but he hasn’t won since 2018 and Chestnut wants to change that. 

One of the reasons why he hasn’t been able to secure the win in recent years is because Buffalo is too fun.

“Buffalo…I love the city too much,” Chestnut told TMZ. “Anybody who knows Buffalo knows that they have great, great bar food, great bars…"

“People are so nice. It’s hard to not have a good time there,” Chestnut said about Buffalo’s atmosphere and why it’s so hard to dial in while competing in Buffalo. 

“I need to control myself a little bit and make sure I don’t have too much fun when I come to Buffalo,” Chestnut said. 

Since Joey Chestnut has been able to explore the city, he can give you pretty good recommendations when it comes to eating chicken wings, but there’s one place he loves above all else. 

Doc Sullivan’s on Abbott Rd.

“They’ll start [open],” Chestnut said. “They’ll serve you ‘til 3 AM.” 

Hoping for a win, Chestnut plans to celebrate Sunday night in Buffalo with a few beers, joining in on the Labor Day weekend celebrations right here in Western New York. 

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