If you are a parent, you know that this school year has been a little bit different for your kids. From full remote learning to hybrid learning, to full-time in school learning, every district has had a different plan.

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Now that the State has moved to a "micro-cluster" approach to battling COVID-19, how will schools be affected? Based on the different colored zones this is how your kids will be impacted.

Yellow Zone - Most places in WNY are considered in the Yellow Zone. That means that schools will be operating as they are now with both in-school, hybrid, and at home learning. The biggest change with the Yellow Zone is that now 20% of students and staff that attend in-school or hybrid learning will have to be tested on a weekly basis. If schools cannot reach that benchmark, the state would require them to covert to at-home learning only.

Orange/Red Zones - If your school district is moved into an Orange or Red Zone, that means all schools would have to move to at-home learning. There is no hybrid or in-school learning allowed as long as the school district is in an Orange or Red Zone.

My son Avry is currently doing Hybrid learning which I like as a parent. He still goes to school two days a week so he is still getting the social aspect of school while getting in-person help when he needs it.


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