We all have that Senior Prank at your high school. At Lancaster, thousands of bouncy balls were thrown down the stairs ways during my years there. Sometimes the pranks are stupid as they come, creative and sometimes people get in some serious trouble.

Take Jamestown High School for instance.

Six students, all seniors that are about to graduate, are facing charges, including felony burglary after their prank was caught on camera. According to WGRZ:

The report says students entered the building through an old boiler room that connects to the school via an underground passage. According to police, glitter in the school colors of red and green was spread throughout the entire building. Also, lockers were tied together across the halls with kite string and reams of copy paper were scattered about. The students allegedly attempted to cover security cameras by placing 'Hello My Name Is' stickers on the lenses.


In addition, a door lock to an administrator's office was damaged but no entry gained.

All of the kids except for one are 18 years old. Is a felony charge too harsh of a punishment? Do you remember what your high school senior prank was? What do you think?


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