It is time once again for the Food 2 Families! This is an annual event to help those that may be struggling to make ends meet get the necessary food items they need to feed their family.It is a chilling reality that right here in Western New York their are families that can't afford to feed their families. you don't have to be homeless either. The image most people have of the hungry is normally that of someone living in a card board box or begging in the street somewhere. That is far from the norm these days. In fact, according to Mike Billoni from the Food Bank of WNY, "there is a new category of hungry that we have in our society today, they are the working poor, these are people that have jobs but don't make enough to cover the basics." For as little as $20 you can buy a "little brown bag of hope" which are available now at various Tops Markets!

We are asking you to help. Although feeding people is a concern 265 days a year, this is the time of year that most people open their hearts and give back and we ask that you do that this Friday! Find out how you can help by listening to our chat with the Food Bank and Tops markets or by clicking here:


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