Money isn't everything.  It certainly helps, but when you come down to it we make our own happiness.  So how well do we manufacture our own happiness in New York State?

The personal finance website WalletHub put together the results of a study they did among all the 50 states.  They did research in areas such as quality of sleep, depression, suicide rate, employment rate, divorce rate and volunteer rate.  When they crunch all those number together New York emerged as the 22nd happiest state.

In all, WalletHub used 28 indicators of happiness.  New York emerged 17th in Emotional and Physical Well-Being, 42nd in Work Environment and 22nd in Community and Environment.

New York was tied with Virginia for 5th best in Lowest Share of Adult Depression and had the Lowest Suicide Rate.  Which were the best and worst states for happiness?  Here are the results:

Source: WalletHub

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