If you love golf, you might want to check out what's called "Park Golf."  It's a different form of golf and I have a ton of questions.

So, so many questions...

What the heck is "Park Golf?"  According to the video, park golf was developed for people who were getting up there in age and a full golf course was just becoming too much.  So the course is shorter, the balls are bigger, and so are the holes.

When I say the course is shorter, I mean much shorter.  When adding up 9 holes on a Park Golf course, they can't add up to more than 500 yards (meters).  And one hole by itself cannot be longer that 100 yards.  So it's much shorter...but still not mini-golf course short.

The clubs are different...the balls are different.  It's like golf, only condensed.

If you're saying "how haven't I ever heard of this", don't feel bad.  It's new to a lot of people.  And so is Destroyer Park Golf.  When I found this story, most of the comments included statements like, "I golf constantly. I think I got 14 different WNY-area courses under my belt this year alone. And I've never even heard of this place." and "How have I never heard about this. I gotta remember this for next year."

So a big thanks to Adventures in Golf and Erik Anders Lang for highlighting this gem in Akron.

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