The holidays are over and the snow has already begun to melt (although I know there will be more to come).  Yet I still have not taken down my Christmas decorations.  I know it seems late but this year it's because we are waiting for some family members to see them still.  But how late is too late?

I wouldn't even post this here if I was the only one.  But I'm sure I'm not.  As I drive, I still see tons of houses with lit Christmas lights and decorations on their house and in their yard.  There are a lot of people that refuse to take their decorations down until long after the official holidays pass.

In the song, "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson there's a line that says "And I keep my Christmas lights up on my front porch all year long" but I don't think they're really meant for that.

Just how long is too long to keep the decorations up?