There are a lot of misconceptions about Buffalo.  They normally tend to become obvious the second you tell someone that's where you're from.

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One of the most common questions people ask when they meet someone new is, "where are you from?"  We all want to find a way to connect with one another.  It's one of the biggest reasons why we communicate at all.  Those connections come from having similar likes, or experiences.

Sadly, people who aren't from here, and only rely on what they've seen on TV might have a view of Buffalo that is actually pretty skewed from the truth.

What's one of the biggest misconceptions about Buffalo?

Probably one of the biggest things that people get wrong is the distance that we live from New York City.  When they hear Buffalo, NY, a lot of people tend to assume that we ride the subway to work and that we all work in skyscrapers.  They think that Buffalo is a lot closer to New York than it is.  When in fact, we're closer to Cleveland or Pittsburgh than we are to NYC.

They always talk about the Bills

They normally aren't wrong to do this.  While not everyone loves the Bills, they are a huge talking point among Buffalonians.  We hear about them on the news, we watch them on TV, and we very rarely miss a game.

Food is a huge part of the culture in Buffalo too

Want to strike up a conversation with a Buffalonian?  Ask them where the best place is to get wings.  Everyone has their own favorite place.  There are the places that tourists go for wings, and there are the places that we go.  Ask where the best place is from 5 different people and you'll probably get 5 different answers.  Just don't call them Buffalo wings.  We are in Buffalo.  They're just wings to us.

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