While we were at the Broadway Market last week, we caught a peek of the Easter Bunny.  Yup...THE Easter Bunny.  I was surprised to see how much pictures are going for these days.

I understand the pictures with Santa.  I mean, that's your moment to ask the big guy for whatever you want for Christmas.  You get to tell him how good you've been.  It's a moment...and a very important moment at that.

But the Easter Bunny?  I'm sorry Easter Bunny, I just don't get it.

What do you ask him for?  A favorite flavor jelly bean?  Or maybe have a conversation about how you don't want just any orange chocolate bunny, but the one from Platters?  How does that conversation actually go?

And they aren't cheap.  The pictures we saw were going for $10 a piece.  I can just imagine how much the ones in the mall go for?

How much would you/have you paid for pictures with the Easter Bunny?  Were they worth it?

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