It seems in the past couple of days more and more spam phone calls have been coming into my phone. So how do you handle them?

Here are some ways to deal with Spam calls.

1. Block individual numbers one by one

This is one that is a lot of work. Every time you get a spam call, go to your phone and block that number.

2. Pay or have your phone company protect you

Many companies now have a way to block or id spam phone calls. I know that I use T-Mobile and instead of a phone number showing up, I get a message of "Scam Likely". You will need to check with your carrier to see what options they offer.

3. Use an App to help

There are a number of Apps that off phone spam services. Apps like Nomorobo, RoboKiller, and Hiya, are designed to prevent robocalls from ever ringing your phone. Most of these apps cost money so make sure do your research before downloading them.

4. Only allow people in your contact to call you

This would be a last-ditch effort unless you have all the important numbers like doctors, schools, etc... saved in your contacts. Using the Do No Disturb function on your phone will cut down on spam calls but you could miss other important calls.

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