It's crunch time if you're dressing up for Halloween this year.  Are you still trying to decide what to wear?  Here are a few ideas for you...

It's never easy to come up with a costume for Halloween. It feels like every year you say, "This is it!  It's the year that I'm finally going to have an awesome costume that will make people laugh."  Then it gets to be 3 hours before the party that you're going to and you get out your bills jersey and your hat and you tell everyone you're a "Bills fan."

Come on man...that's not a costume.  That's a lack of planning.  I know...because I've done it.  It doesn't feel great.  That's when it feels dumb to dress up for Halloween as an adult.  Because you didn't put any effort into it.  If you really put some thought into it, it really can be fun to dress up for Halloween.

Now is the time to start putting some thought into your costume.  Chances are, you've got parties starting this week and you don't want to be "that person" that just didn't get dressed up.  Here's the best part...we've already put some thought into it for you!  We've got a list of Buffalo characters that a lot of people in Buffalo know and even broke down all the things you need to look like them.  Acting like them is up to you.

You're going to get even more bonus points if you dress up as someone that everyone knows and loves from our own hometown.  And if you do it right...people will be talking about your costume for years to come.

So who will you be this year?

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