It is about to be the holiday travel season and you better start planning that trip. Flying or driving may be more expensive than you planned on thanks to the conflict in the Middle East.

There were reports just last week that National Fuel customers were going to see prices drop considerably in comparison to last year. That is great news as we are expecting a colder than usual winter.

However, the fuel you put in your car may be more expensive here in New York State soon as the world watches what is happening in Israel and Iran. wrote that:

The narrow body of water, which connects the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, has two shipping lanes that are each two nautical miles wide. And it’s absolutely crucial for global shipping, especially of oil. Indeed, the strait is the world’s most important oil chokepoint.

These are scary times and the coverage has left many of us speechless and finding it hard to explain to our kids. We have four children under 7-years-old and our oldest absorbs information so we are careful what he sees and hears. However, just the other day, our five-year-old asked me "dad, what does war mean"? I have been alive for 46 years and normally am pretty quick on my feet. Yet, in this instance I was left without a good answer for that.

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