If you're a grown-up of a certain age, there's probably not a lot of video of you as a baby.

Thanks to the prevalence of digital photography -- and most especially, smartphones -- when this generation grows up, they'll be overloaded with a moving, animated, visual documentation of just about every moment of their lives.

But a peek at a living representation of your younger self might be a rare occasion for some adults. And there's a new app that lets you see a recreation of what you might have looked like in that moment the photo was taken.

Motion Portrait is free and available for iPhone and Android.

The app works best with images that are clear, front-facing, and in which the subject has a clearly defined mouth and eyes.

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You import your photo and then the app prompts you to direct the animation outlines over the eyes and mouth of the person in your photo. You can animate up to four faces in a single image.

Like the moving portraits from Harry Potter, the results are cool, and to be honest, a bit creepy. I animated photos of my family to mixed results.


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