When I was a kid, we weren't allowed to open a new box of cereal until the old boxes were all gone. I've never felt more like my dad than I did today when I told my son that he had to finish his cereal before I would get him some more.

So what are other ways of using cereal that doesn't involve wasting it or eating stale cereal? I asked your advice today and couldn't believe all the great ideas!  Here are just a few:

  • Put it in the bird feeders and let the birds eat the last of the box up for you.
  • Put it in a special container that is sealed rather than just in the box.  It will keep it fresher longer.
  • Use the rest up in cookies.  Make an oatmeal based cookie.  Add the cereal, fruit, and nuts.
  • Make cereal bars with honey, the old cereal, nuts and seeds.
  • Add the last bit from the old box to a new box if it’s the same flavor.
  • Who cares about flavor?  Add them all together to get a new tasting cereal!

What do you do with old boxes of cereal without wasting it or eating it stale?