At the gym that I go to (it's a pretty big gym, but lets not throw anyone under the bus here), there's been a little bit of an issue.

It ended a bit ago, but not after the damage has been done.

We used to have a bucket up at the front counter where everyone would toss their keys while they work out. Here's why it's not there anymore.

If your keys were on top, that means you just got there.
Which means the odds you getting your keys in the next few minutes is slim.
People were taking the keys, clicking the button to see where your car was.
Opening it up.
Stealing all your stuff.
Locking it back up.
Dropping the keys right back in.

It took 2 minutes.

In the Summer the bin was extra beneficial, because less people need a locker room when it is warm outside.

Bottom line: if you have one of those bins at your gym: DONT USE IT!

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