One of the great things about living in Western New York is having access to many beautiful shops and stores native to the region.

There's not much better than supporting a locally based family-owned store or local corporate retail location. Just the pure joy you can get from shopping with someone you may have gone to High School with, or an ex to your best friend's former college roommate is unmatched.

One of the few things that might be better than this is shopping at an Ikea and it's about time for Ikea to make a home in Western New York.

The Swedish-founded, Dutch-based retail giant specializing in ready-to-assemble furniture, home goods, appliances, and other items literally offers one of the best experiences someone can have.

Buffalo has been booming lately, and that boom is starting to bring more people into Western New York from other areas. Just about every time I have a conversion with a new transplant to Buffalo, I hear the same thing:

Really?! There's not an Ikea here?
-Random transplant to WNY lamenting the lack of an Ikea

Every time I have gone into Ikea it's been an event. If you've never been, then I suggest you take a short drive up to St. Catherines, Ontario (or down to Pittsburgh if you don't want to fiddle with an international border crossing). However, you shouldn't even have to think about crossing an international border or driving to another state to check out this great store.

So, come on Buffalo, band together with me to let Ikea know it's time for them to grab a Bills jersey, have some wings and blue cheese, and move on up to the 716.

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