There are multiple cities that have been receiving bus loads of immigrants that arriving on a regular basis over the last week or more. Governors in Texas and Florida are making arrangements for hundreds of families to be shuttled to other states and cities and according to some, to smaller cities and municipalities.

Over the weekend, social media was buzzing with rumors that there will soon be an influx of immigrants to area around Western New York. One such post got a bunch of attention on Sunday regarding the transfer of immigrants to East Aurora, a village just south of Buffalo, New York.

Laura Marie Facbook

As of early on Tuesday, the discussion was still a popular topic and both sides of the argument for and against the arrival of immigrant families were weighing in.

The East Auroran Facbook

But there has been no official confirmation either way of when or how many families will be brought to the Western New York area. I was in New York City this past weekend and besides the news about Queen Elizabeth's funeral, the headlines were heavy with news about new arrivals of immigrants and what happens next.

As far as those families who are about to arrive in the United States, it appears as though Florida's governor has already made plans for them. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he'll continue sending migrants from the border to other states. DeSantis said he'll spend all of the $12-million-dollars allocated by the legislature to relocate illegal migrants out of state.

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