If there's one thing that has become abundantly clear to me, between weekend WYRK callers supporting Brett Alan's beautifully shared pup stories, we LOVE our furbabies!

This has been a crazy few weeks that I have to share. Our home lost a very good dog recently. I was Foster's Fairy Dog Mother  Foster was my sister Marie's Austrailian Shepherd (she named him after the beer). I bought a duplex on the West Side years ago and Marie lives in the upstairs place and my boy and I, downstairs. So it's all just one big shared home really and the lst few years Foster stayed down here with me.after steps got hard. Oh Lord I loved that very good, very smart dog  I'll spare you the details but Foster was totally happy and puppy-like...until the day he wasn't. He enjoyed an extremely good, nearly 14-year life and was well loved. Our hearts were broken.

In 50 years I had never seen Marie cry like this. I mean, she gets misty at the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials as any human does but this was gut-wrenching. Then I remembered exactly how I felt when Ellie, from The Buffalo Animal Shelter, (and my first from cradle to grave rescue) crossed that rainbow bridge. My Joseph was 2 years old when we got her. Ellie never left Joe's side. For a week I couldn't focus, walked into walls...I cried more than when my dear mother passed away (and I REALLY loved Mama!)

I LOVE RESCUES!!! Maybe because I'm a mutt too. My friends Pat and Russell love Joyful Rescues where they adopted Jake, Qunicy, and Ollie. I got my current sweet girl Marley from Buffalo Paws and Claws Rescue and Ziggy cat from rescue guru, Jeff Wilbur. We have puppy parties in my neighborhood!

Now...look at this face:

After a week of deep sadness, Marie started glancing at Petfinder.com nonchalantly. In case you're not familiar, you type in your location and they'll show you rescues at many places within the distance you choose. There was one face that kept popping up in Toronto. Something about that face drew Marie back again and again. I sent them an email asking if they knew if it was hard to get a dog across the border into Buffalo. The loveliest woman named Emma got back to me. Turns out, Emma is like the Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad FOR FURBABIES! She rescued a few pups from Tennesse and other cities for some friends of hers in Toronto. Emma arranges their passage, does the whole vet, rabies, paperwork thing. She tells you what she needs from you then does it all. AND she would drive from Toronto to Buffalo to get the rescues. Now, she does it for EVERYBODY who wants her help. Emma makes no money on this. It's her little not-for-profit because it makes her heart happy. Isn't that cool? Kind of Angelic really. Here's info on Emma's Dog Rescue if you'd like to know more, or click on any of the blue rescue places to donate or volunteer. It'll make your heart happy too. OH! And meet JACK! (Named after Jack Daniels since he came to Buffalo from Tennessee) HA!....

Jack brought Marie this pillow with Foster's face on it. Gave us chills. I think Jack and Marie is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


- Jolene.Baller@TownsquareMedia.com