vandalize a park

According to a tweet from the Erie County executive, the search continues for someone who caused a big amount of damage at Emery Park in South Wales.

We have been going to Emery Park since we were kids. I grew up in East Aurora and it was just around the corner And one of the go-tos for my father on the weekend for family trips.

Another park that we still enjoy to this day like thousands of others, is Chestnut Ridge Park. It probably has one of the best views of the city of Buffalo in Erie County. Not only that, it is perfect for running and a great destination for cycling as well. The big hills and the steep inclines make it perfect for a good workout. But it is also perfect for enjoying an afternoon family party or just a small picnic.

I guess I never understood the thrill of vandalism. Someone had to work hard to put all those great things that we have together and maintained them. I realize that in many cases it is probably just kids doing dumb things. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it is completely disrespectful to all of us who pay taxes and enjoy the serenity of the Erie County parks.

$31,000 in damage and the canceling of events is more than just some dumb prank. Hopefully whoever did this will be found or at least some resolution will take place.

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