This could be one of the most unique trees you will ever see in Western New York. If you have ever walked around Riverside Park, you may have seen this tree that appears to have a large growth around it's midsection.

In a Tweet, it also appears that the tree is expecting?

The good weather is finally starting to arrive in the Buffalo and Western New York area. It feels so great to have sunshine and warmer temperatures back after a frigid couple of months. Don't get me wrong. Many of us love the cold and the snow and the great things that we can do in thew winter months around Buffalo. But it sure has felt good to just relax outside without a heavy coat and gloves.

Perhaps this will be the perfect week to reconnect with nature? We have three little boys and just being outside for an hour or so changes their mood and improves their sleep! Nothing can compare to fresh air and after dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year, we could all use some fresh air and anything that puts us in a better mood!

I have not seen this tree in Riverside Park in person but it is one of those things that seems like you need to see it, to believe it! A picture probably does not do it justice.

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