The wind is still howling in parts of New York State after a round of intense storms ripped across the region. A massive storm, thousands of miles wide, passed across much of the mid-west and eastern seaboard and New York State. There are still thousands without power to start Wednesday.

The power outages are becoming more frequent it seems here in New York State. For many, a generator is a huge help and if you don't have one for the house yet, you may want to get one. If you are building a new home, there is no question that you should add a standby or automatic generator to the plans.

Watertown Aiport reported a crazy speed just under 80 miles an hour! Hurricanes will blast gusts at a force of at least 74 miles per hour! This storm was much stronger than that in parts of the Empire State.

The hum of generators will continue and some schools will be closed as the cleanup continues this week. There will be some power outages that may last for days!

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