Soooo right off the bat, I wanna say, it's not exactly what you may be thinking...It's actually a really cool way for people to meet dogs that are up for adoption at local shelters!

WIVB shared the details of the newest app created for dog lovers looking for their next best friend. Inspired by the well known dating app Tinder, Animal lovers from Lithuania created the mobile app in hopes of helping match potential owners with dogs from various shelters.

The app, called GetPet, was just launched last month, and is already getting hundreds of new users daily. The outcome has been great, with a few matches made! There is a growing market of apps for people looking to adopt a pet, such as PawsLikeMe and BarkBuddy, and now GetPet.

One of app’s creators, Vaidas Gecevicius, explained it as:

“... like Tinder, but with dogs...You can arrange a meeting with the dog — a date.”

Similar to Tinder, GetPet features profiles of all types of dogs looking up with those puppy eyes and cute noses. By scrolling down more information about the pup is reveled, and those interested can then swipe right, or by swiping left another profile appears.

Now please understand, the dogs CANNOT swipe left or right, but when you see them in person you'll know right away their feelings toward you ha! Check it out now and bring home a new dog to "Netflix and chill" with.. but like actually just chill and watch tv with.

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