Road closures happen all over Western New York for all kinds of reasons.  Now, thanks to this helpful tool, there's a way to know which ones are open.

We've all been put in this situation at one time or another.  You have to be somewhere at a specific time.  You know the route and so because you want to get the most out of your day, you plan out exactly when you need to leave.  Then somewhere along the way you find out that one of the roads you were going to take is closed!  Now, not only do you need to find another route, but you're also going to be late.

Road closures can happen for a variety of reasons, especially in the summer.  Sometimes it's because they're doing maintenance on that particular road.  Or, it could be a closure due to downed power lines or trees from a weather-related issue.  Either way, it's always good to know about them before you are planning to use those roads.

Erie County has developed a way to help you know before you even leave your house.  It's an interactive map that is meant to help save you time due to construction or weather.  Find the map by clicking here.

When tornadoes were touching down here in Western New York, it was incredibly helpful.  I was using it to plan my trip home as one of the areas that was hit the hardest was just miles from my house.  It was nice to just jump on the map and see where closures had popped up.  I can't even imagine how much more useful this thing will be in the wintertime.

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