I think this is something I think a lot of people feel strongly about. When you go to a business in New York State now, you get done at the register and the cashier will flip around an iPad asking you for a tip.

Stop flipping the iPad and asking for a tip.

Even if you are not verbally asking, it's a little rude to stare at us as we decide whether we are going to give you a tip or not. Also,  why are we asking for tips when all the cashier did was take our order?

Listen, I get that tips are essential. People are hurting financially. The food industry isn't the only job that is hurting. I worked in all aspects of a restaurant from fast food to fine dining to the kitchen to serve. Tips are important. But, there is a system and a way things work. There's a reason that employees get paid a regular wage...so, that you don't have to ask for a tip.

Put out a tip jar...that's totally fine.

But, to flip an iPad around and watch as we decide to tip you, isn't exactly leaving a great experience. If you are at a sit-down dinner, then yes, a tip is part of the paying experience. But, if you are just at the counter ordering and you get the iPad flip, you shouldn't feel obligated to tip.

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