There are two types of people; those who have an iPhone and everyone else. Whether, you love Apple products or not, the iPhone is the elite phone.

The most frustrating thing that can happen is if when you lose your phone. You feel naked or helpless until it is back in your possession. There are apps to help with that.

But there is one app that your iPhone has that you may never knew existed and can be very helpful.

Future Publishing via Getty Imag
Future Publishing via Getty Imag

“If you are in an email or typing a long piece of text and want to change something, it can be difficult to go back to where you need to go, unless you activate the iPhone’s secret mouse,” McConomy said.

Truthfully, most of us don't use the phones that we have to the full potential. There are limitless uses for the phone and call me old school, but using it as an actual phone is probably the easiest. Not to mention the sound quality. iPhone to iPhone, there is not better sound quality out there in the cellphone world.

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